Scientific and international activities of the Academy

Scientific and international activities

The purpose of the scientific and research activities of staff and higher education obtainers of the Academy of the State Penitentiary Service (hereinafter – the Academy of the SPS) is the acquisition of new knowledge and competitive scientific assets, the application of the obtained results during the training of future specialists and the advanced training of the staff of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, the formation of modern personnel potential.

Scientific research is carried out according to the plans approved by the Academic Council of the Academy within the framework of registered scientific topics at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information and is carried out by the structural units of the higher educational institution in accordance with the current legislation.

There are 145 scientific, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers at the Academy of the SPS, namely:

– 4 persons have Honorary titles of Ukraine;

– 16 Doctors of Sciences;

– 52 Philosophy Doctors;

– 1 Senior Researcher;

– 9 Professors;

– 43 Associate Professors.



The Academy educates cadets, students, postgraduates at the levels: first (bachelor’s) level in specialty 081 “Law”, 262 “Law enforcement”; second (master’s) level in specialty 081 “Law”, 262 “Law enforcement”, 053 “Psychology”; third (educational and scientific) level in specialty 081 “Law”.

In order to promote the improvement of the educational process and the coordination of the scientific and methodological work of the main structural units of the Academy of the SPS the Scientific and Methodological Council and the Academic Council work at the Academy.

The Academy of the SPS has cadets and students self-government; Scientific Community of Cadets (students), post-graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists; scientific (subject, problem) groups of cadets, students who independently or under the guidance of scientific and pedagogical staff organize and attend scientific and scientific-practical events, publish scientific papers, participate in competitions, trainings, etc.

The Department of Scientific Activity and International Cooperation functions at the Academy, which provides conditions for the development and conducting of scientific events and international cooperation in various forms of activity, it performs their accounting and control, coordination of the scientific work of the main structural units, and provides information support.

The Academy has concluded a number of agreements and memorandums on cooperation with national and foreign institutions of higher education, bodies and institutions of state power, organizations, etc.

The Academy is a permanent publisher of three printed periodicals of the category “B” of scientific journals: